Introducing RADAR

RADAR is a pioneering news agency which harnesses the power of technology to deliver incisive, fact-based news stories at scale.

Our launch service is for UK local media. This launched in 2018, and files thousands of stories every week, powering hundreds of local news outlets. RADAR brings together PA, the national news agency with over 150 years' experience in supplying quality content, and Urbs Media, a tech driven start up using a combination of reporters and automation to mass localise news.

Reporters And Data And Robots (RADAR) is successfully combining humans and machine to scale up local news production across core pillars such as health, education, crime, transport, housing and environment - driving digital audience, print front pages and broadcast lead stories for news brands across the UK. Described by the Global Editors Network as "today's best example of AI-powered news," the UK service is now available to all local newsrooms.