About Us

RADAR is a new service that brings together human reporters and technology to scale up news production.  Our team of journalists use a unique workbench including data tools, Natural Language Generation and geo-targeted distribution.  As a result, we are able to find, write and distribute incisive, data-driven local news stories at very high volumes.

RADAR is delivered by RADAR AI, a joint venture partnership between PA, which has provided multimedia content and services to media brands around the world for 150 years, and Urbs Media a 3-year-old start up pioneering automation for local news.

RADAR AI’s launch product focuses on the UK local news market, with development part funded by the Google Digital News Initiative. Newsrooms with a local focus can apply for a  trial here.

For enquiries about different international markets and verticals, please see our Contact page.

Key Contacts

Alan Renwick


Alan Renwick is co-founder of Urbs and a Director of RADAR. He has spent most of the last 30 years in the news sector, almost half of which has been in local media. Most recently he was Publisher at the Bristol Post and Head of Strategy for Local World.

Gary Rogers


Gary Rogers is co-founder of Urbs Media, and is Editor-in-Chief for RADAR. He has extensive experience across the news industry, starting his career at the Reading Evening Post before holding a series of senior editor positions at the BBC and ITN.

Press Coverage